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Monogram Coffee

Monogram Coffee | Guanacaste Filter

Monogram Coffee | Guanacaste Filter

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ORIGIN: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
VARIETY: Catuai, Caturra
NOTES: Fudge, Almond, Marshmallow

The Tarrazu region lies in the high mountains of the southern pacific region of Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose. San Jose is one of the most densely planted, high altitude regions in Central America with many farms at or above 2000 MASL.

Guanacaste has been sourced from smallholder micro mills in the region since 2020. Each mill is monitored for their production quality, contributing to the sweet and mild cup profile of coffees from this region.

Blends like this are important to a farmer’s livelihood because it allows them to sell more of the volume they produce and receive specialty coffee premiums for their product.

300g bag whole beans
Roasted in Calgary, AB

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