• Warm Gift Shop

    Located in the beautiful community of Esquimalt BC, five minutes from Downtown Victoria, on the traditional territories of the Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations.

  • Warm Gift Shop

    A bright and inviting space, with a selection that goes beyond the ordinary. Offering a blend of handmade crafts, locally sourced delights, and timeless classics.

Meet Leah

  • Warm Gift Shop has been years in the making.

    From a young age Leah's been an expert Christmas shopper and always volunteered to wrap gifts on anyones behalf. It made sense she would eventually end up in the gifting business and it has culminated in this cozy space packed with goodies for all!

  • When not in the shop, she would prefer to be at home hanging with her cats (Perry + Figaro) or out exploring somewhere new—traveling alongside her husband and partner, Peter, seeing new places, finding cute things, and eating delicious food!

  • Disneyland is her true happy place and never leaves the house without a cookie or chocolate in her bag.