Studio Arhoj and me

Studio Arhoj and me

I fell in love with Studio Arhoj after a friend brought back a mint green Arhoj Ghost from her trip to Copenhagen in 2015. That was all it took for me to be hooked. I was blown away by the colours and combinations and wanted my kitchen to be full (or my whole house).

Leah holding a Studio Arhoj mug

The following year my husband and I were lucky enough to visit Copenhagen while on our honeymoon. Visiting the Arhoj studio was top priority!

We found their studio (the original! It's much, much bigger now) and after at least an hour of admiring every item I decided on a drippy pink Arhoj slurp cup. And another ghost.

Now whenever we visit a new city I'll search out other shops who carry Arhoj products and add to my collection!

I should also mention, my mom has picked up the Arhoj-bug and is also hooked! We regularly spend time spotting new glazes on the Studio Arhoj Instagram and sending them back and forth to each other.

My collection has grown over the years to include a ghost in every room of my home, along with a few vases and stash jars, and many mugs. I can always justify a new mug, and will rotate through my collection, depending on season, weather, time of day and liquid type!

I was absolutely elated when I got the okay to bring Studio Arhoj to Warm! I am doing my best not to take it all home with me now that it has arrived, but instead I am so very excited to feature; each item and to share my love for Arhoj with everyone! It is so fun to see which piece speaks to each individual and what it is about that piece!

Leah's collection of Studio Arhoj Ghosts
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