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Studio Arhoj

Studio Arhoj | Ghost

Studio Arhoj | Ghost

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Studio Arhoj is a small design studio focusing primarily on making their own unique items, combining new ideas and traditional crafts to make products that excite. They are an independent, family owned business based in Copenhagen, Denmark where all products are made by hand, start to finish.

Ghosts will quietly inhabit your living space and are useful as lucky talismans, ring holders or decorative objects.

Each Ghost is unique, hand thrown, glazed, decorated and low-fired in the kiln three times.

Choose from the specific glazes OR be surprised and choose a Lucky Dip Ghost from a colour family! All Studio Arhoj Ghosts are a final sale. 

Approx. 9-10 cm.

Handmade in Copenhagen

Please note: Photos are only indicative. As each item is hand-glazed they may differ slightly.

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