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Anchored Coffee

Anchored Coffee | Nighthawk

Anchored Coffee | Nighthawk

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Brownie, Pecan, Orange Blossom

Spread your wings and soar with this delicious dark roast. With its bold personality and darker profile, Nighthawk is the perfect super hero coffee. Not all super heroes wear capes. But they do drink Nighthawk.

Blend: 75% Brazil / 25% Mexico
Region: Vale da Grama / Siltepec, Chiapas
Method:  Natural / Washed
Producer: Various Producers / Grapos Co-op
Varietal:  / Bourbon, Catuai / Bourbon, Marsellesa
Elevation: 1000-1300m / 1200-1600m

340g bag whole beans
Roasted in Dartmouth, NS

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